Ship's log 2010

(the) Past matters....


It is 25 years ago this year that Kees has founded the foundation "Stichting Calorische Werktuigen".

This was properly celebrated by social gathering. The opportunity was used also to thank Marianne and Cock for their efforts in recent years.


The wheelhouse of the Hercules is covered by a tarpaulin some weeks already. This is raising questions by passer-by. The reason is to keep the wood underneath dry so it can be applied by Owatrol again.

The lining of the toilet and the lining of the entrance of the underdeck crew's quarters has been fully removed. Since the ship's shower is here as well, the moisture content is high and unfortunately the wood rotting percentage also.


Fortunately the spring is coming. Every now and then there is a nice sunshine. Despite the temperatures are not optimal yet, men are working hard on board.

Among all jobs to the recent obtained boiler for the Heibok 4. After a thorough cleaning of boiler and its fittings during the past weeks, the boiler did pass its survey and was approved by Lloyds for two years again.


The month of April is assigned mainly to prepare the boat for steaming.

After months of doing jobs in and around the boat, she can use some paint and some soap. A new colour is mixed for the superstructure, lots of hours are spent with painting, new panneling is fixed to the bulkheads in the toilet, the upper mast is removed and re-varnished. And there is worked on new benches for on deck.

The cross heads of the main engine are disassembled, its shaft-ends are re- machined on the lathe and its bearings adjusted. The water barge is called, the boiler refilled and a test trial is done.

All of this resulted in a beautifull and successful steaming day for our main sponsor.


Painting, painting, painting!

The week ahead of the next event "Dordt in Stoom" is filled with it. The event is officially opened with a great naval review under splendid weather. The attended boats are pleased to do let them hear. The Saturday is a successful day as well. Unfortunately it is unstable weather as from Saturday evening. Luckily on Sunday there are fairly some enthousiastic passengers who are enjoying, especially when a race is done between 2 steam boats. It is a pitty that the completion of the event on Sunday afternoon falls through due to thunderstorms and a huge hailstorm. These Dutch skies did result in nice photo's however.

Also the many hours of painting gained something: lots of compliments!


A busy month. One of it the Hercules is present again with the Maasboulevardfeest and in Terneuzen.

The boiler of the "Heibok 4" did undergo a hot survey. That is steaming the safety valves. Herewith is tested if the safety valves are opening at the required pressure. Everything was approved by Lloyds.

Due to all the events it is time again to bunker coal again. See photo's.

Then under quite warm weather circumstances to Terneuzen. Especially the engine room crew is suffering. Lots of liters of water are going there to maintain it endurable. The mood is good however. And it is lots of fun with the crews of the other steam ships. After a successful event sailing home is proceeded over a very smooth sea.


We are opening this month with shifting a load of coal, what was temporary stored on the "Bok", into the coal bunkers. Why is it always 30 degrees centigrade during shifting coal? During the voyage to Terneuzen a lot of coal have been consumed, so there is space again. And also for the voyage to Veere vice versa halfway this month, quite some shovels will be required.

The "Argo" is employed to tow a "Westlander" to Delft. Dennis is quite pleased to join as a captain and enjoys the voyage through inland waters. (Viewing the photo it is quite a though one for the men in the sunshine)

The mast is shouting for a scouring job and a layer of varnish. Jurgen is attending this call for attention and applies a view layers of owatrol on it. It is showing much better immediately.


This month made a good start at once with the event "Scyedam Vaert", what did start for us on Friday afternoon with the "Guiness Book of Records" record attempt.

The 5 yearly event "Sail Amsterdam" was cancelled for the "Hercules" this time. The members of the board decided with pain in their hearts to cancel the application after it was revealed that the financials could not be guaranteed.

This did not discourage a lot of our volunteers to travel to Amsterdam anyhow and to fully enjoy this quite a special event. And many ones ended aboard of one of our colleague steamers, wherefore during other occasions is never too much time.


Our former boatmen's boat "Argo" is participating with the record attempt for the longest tugboat parade during the "Wereldhavendagen" in Rotterdam. There is a towing bollard (beting) installed, so she's allowed to participate. (A "beting" is a heavy through the deck penetrated bollard, serving as a pulling pole of a tugboat). Unfortunately the record attempt was not granted as it ended with 107 tugs where 148 were required.

Our new parttime volunteer Fred is swiftly constructing a new toilet door with great enthousiasm. The door is excellently aparant to the existing 95 year old structure. The previous one was quickly assembled together as for "temporary" and could not be used anymore and was quite ready for replacement.


For the 31st time the "Furiade" event is organized. For many years we are participating it with the "Hercules". We are deciding this year to bring the "Argo" as well. So it is towed. On the "Waterweg" it is necessary a few times to slow down to avoid pulling out the bollard out of the "Argo's" deck. It appeared that Eline has become quite able to operate the boat shortly and takes the Dockyard V crew aboard.

The drawers in the galley (kitchen) are often derailing or cannot be opened or closed. It is decided to have a close look at it and to solve this problem in a professional way. Due to watering in for many years most of the wood has been rotten and it appeared that to fix everything there is more required than a few new rails.

Hopefully we can offer The Saint a warm cup of coffee next month.


Despite the galley is far from being ready, with some improvisements we are able to prepare coffee and eat warm soup during the entry early this month. Fortunately the weather forecasters are not predicting very well and it becomes a nice and dry day for the Saint and his servants.

It is the last voyage of this year and that's why immediately after mooring the wheelhouse is covered by a tarpaulin, so that the wood remains protected against the repulsive winter weather. The boiler is drained. And somewhat later in the month the winter tent is being erected as well.

A lot of work is waiting for the volunteers this winter.


The 25-yearly survey of the boiler of the Hercules is due. Despite the cold a start is being made. From the fire pits, the "roosterbaren", "vuurbruggen" and "middenberen" are being removed, whereby the skinny volunteers are having an advantage absolutely. All soot and ash remains are being swept and disposed. It is not the cleanest job on the list.

All valves and pipe lines must be disassembled from the boiler. To the contrary of the 2-yearly survey, all insulation must be removed as well this time. Quite a big job consequently. Snowfall is disturbing the progress and the project is slowing down temporarily. Remains us nothing else than waiting for better weather.

Wondering what 2011 will bring us.

A Happy New Year to everybody

and see you in the New Year.