Ship's log 2009

(the) Past matters....


Lots of plans are made since the Hercules has, despite a decrease in the number of events, a busy year ahead. Besides the bi-annual boiler survey, a thorough drydocking must be scheduled as well.

In addition there are plans to give the Hercules a somewhat different appearance. The bow and the air-vent pipes do require renovation. To be continued ....


Placing the bow's wavebreaker ("nose") is not a simple "one minute" job. This goes step by step since it cannot be placed in one piece. Actually it must be constructed part by part like, extending the bow keel, cutting away the old head bollard, adjusting angle profile, hammering it, shortening it, bending it to a right angle, drilling holes, riveting, fabricating and adjusting steelplates, shaping it, drilling more holes, riveting more, fabricating washer, drilling holes, riveting, forge an anchor davit, forge an eye on it, pulling an arc in it, adjusting the height etc. etc... The various steps can be viewed here.


The drydocking itself was quite an undertaking. See photo's. The inspector of "Register Holland" was attending after waiting a whole morning. The dock master was taking various measures ensuring that the supports should be put at the right places. The pressure of the boiler was released in the meantime and most of the water evaporated. At the end this (lack of steam) was causing quite some pushing and pulling to position the Hercules in the right position straight in front of the slipway.

Luckily there was a little bit of steam remaining so that the capstan could do its work. That made the difference!


On request of a number of modellers, the original line plan was lifted out of the archives and scanned. The drawings can be downloaded here in 2 parts.

Again the boiler did pass its surveys this month. Once the safety valves have been hot tested, the sailing season can begin!


The new wave breaker is progressing steadilly. Originally the Hercules did have a rated up stem, but the Danish Navy did have more trouble because of it than advantage and cut it off. With a lot of turn this way and that, comparing with the ss Furie and looking to old designs, the ss Hercules is recovered in her meant appearance.


Great news! The foundation has found a good boiler with all the trimmings for Heibok 4.

By the end of the summer, the boiler of the heibok "Brielle" shall come to Schiedam. The boiler is a standing "Field" boiler from 1959 and has 15 square meters of heating surface. Working pressure is 8,5 bar. As if there is not enough work to do! But all eyes shine, because this is a new challenge ...

The boiler of the Hercules has been brought back under steam and tested. Even the compass has, thanks to Jan Visser of the Dockyard V, received another report of approval.


Riveting of a new wave breaker, anno 2009...


Preparations are made to get the new steam boiler to the Heibok 4.

The underdeck frames have been re-riveted, the deck is tidy and put in the tar. And then everything is ready for Boiler No. 2. This must be transported on a low bed trailer by road from Dordrecht. Unfortunately it turnes out that the crane brakes down. To be continued!


The new steam boiler has arrived! On   steam pile driver clip 1 (not to mention clip 2!) shows how the first pile was driven to the ferry house at the Burg. de Jonghkade in Maassluis (thanks to 'steamrammer'). The first instructions for use: the two long poles are to guide the block, another long pole is the hind leg of the tripod (scaffolding).

And the short wood? Thats for the stove .....


Once again the Hercules did attend the Furieade in Maassluis. On the way back two boats in tow, one with a broken clutch.


Unfortunately for the children in Vlaardingen this year was a rain out entry. But the fun was no less. With very enthusiastic people on board it nevertheless became a successful entry.

In Schiedam the tribute was for Packet Boat 12 this year. The Hercules could join in the parade on the New Waterway and especially let hereselve heard!


In the beginning of the month, before snow fell from the sky, there has been hard work to provide a bollard for the new wave breaker.

There are many exciting things for the foundation to happen in the new year. But more about that next year ....

For now a fine new year and a good, healthy and resounding 2010!